Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's been too long - Adventure on the High River Seas - Pantanal Paraguay

So I know it has been far too long since I last posted on this blog, and I apologize.  I have been very busy here and my internet connection has been not so good.  I just went on a really sweet trip from Ayolas, Paraguay all the way to the north of Bahia Negra, Paraguay.  All on boats.  For two weeks.  Here is a photographic chronicle of select parts of the journey.  Certain parts of the trip can only be known by the participants.  You know who you are and nice job.

Along those lines the photographs on this particular entry are not all mine.  I'm not going to give specific credits.  If someone is interested in browsing the library of photos from this trip with the interest of purchase or cited use please let me know.  I will put you in contact with the photographers if they are not me.  All photos used have been previously organized according to who took the shot. 

This is the boat we took to Bahia Negra, it's called the Aquidaban.  Going to the town of Bahia Negra it was 4 days in boat.  Coming back it was 2.  This is a for real working boat.  It delivers supplies to all the communities/camps/individual houses on the river that only have intermittent access to roads and supplies.  The boat goes once a week.  For the entire two days upstream a it delivers supplies ranging from fruit to gasoline to toothbrushes.  Whatever you order they will bring to you. 

This is the wheelhouse.  Notice all the things piled onto the deck.  There's bikes, gas containers(which yes I smoked while sitting on top of), coolers, motorcycles...everything that you can get on the boat they will put on the boat for a fee.  The crew was very professional.  Honestly it was one of the most professional Paraguayan businesses I have ever witnessed in over a year here.  Props and back pats Aquidaban crew. 

Some cool mountains near Fuerto Olimpo, Paraguay which broke the monotony of days and days of palm trees and river bank. 

The sunsets were consistently amazing. 


Long, hot, boring days on the boat were supplemented with drinking and talking.  This particular liquor was officially prohibited on the boat.  Didn't really stop us though.  When it's 110 F in the cabin you gotta sleep somehow.  

The galley.  Took awhile to make friends with one of the cooks.  But once we did he was a totally chill bro.  Made some fine grub too if I do say so.  


Another totally sweet sunset.  This one features a motorcycle and a man drinking terere.  Totally and beautifully Paraguayan.  

Ol' Teddo has been featured before.  Here he is watching a movie from his cramped bunk.  Teddo does not think that the weather is hot very often.  He thought it was hot for this trip.  


I liked to romantically wax and wane about this trip being a "Heart of Darkness" / "Apocalypse Now" river adventure.  This particular photo portrays that thought.  

Life Jackets!  We didn't have to use them.

Finally, after four hot days in a boat, we made it to Bahia Negra and began the middle phase of the trip into the Pantanal Paraguayo...

We ate lots of Piranha.  In soups.  Notice how in this shot a glove is being used to hold the fish.  By day 2 all gloves had been abandoned and we were using our bare hands.  Gotta love getting used to stuff.  

The view from the front door.  It's a nice place.  

A playful and curious giant river otter.  Neato!

An Amazonian Kingfisher.  Too cool.  This one's name was Melvin.  He enjoyed hunting in the heat of the day when all other animals, including the humans, were avoiding the sun.  

This is the back view of the lodge in which we stayed.   It was very comfortable. 

My buddy Alexi.  Coming back from a resupply trip into town.  Fun. 

This picture is not from the Pantanal and I didn't catch the fish.  But I like it anyway. 

This is the front part of the place in which we stayed.  Great place and even better staff. 

A rare swamp deer.  

A rare Piranha bite.  

A rare Carpincho foot that had been ripped off by a Jaguar!  We heard Jaguars and Pumas all night!  Didn't see any but it was obvious they were there.  

I'll probably post more in the future about this trip.  For now I'll finish with a motion detector video from Guyra Paraguay taken in the exact place we were staying.  It's a siamese cat.  Psych.  

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