Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Santiago and Easter Island

So my dad came down to visit me recently and we had a very nice time.  We unfortunately were only able to spend three days in Paraguay before heading out to Santiago, Chile and then on to Easter Island.  It was a great trip.  

This photo was taken right here in Paraguay at a hotel called Dona Ramonita's in a town here Ayolas called Coratei.  We just went there to eat some lunch and drive through the Paraguayan countryside so my Dad could see it all.  This particular hotel is often frequented by wealthy Brazilian patrons and has a light plane and a runway.  It is a surprise to see so far out in the middle of the country.    

This is the airplane that they have.  Pretty amazing to see out in the middle of nowhere.  

My dad took this photo of me with my host dad (pink shirt) and two people he works with.  He owns a sawmill and a charcoal making oven.  He works all the time and has done quite well for himself.

This is the national cathedral in Santiago Chile.

This is a cool art installation at the art museum in Santiago.  Those are all shirts tied together and hung from the ceiling.

Ok Just wanted to get some photos up.  will write more later.

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