Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peru and Shut Up No I Didn't Go to Machu Picchu (Part 2)

Alright here's post two.  These photos are from Chepen, Guadalupe, and Ciudad de Dios.  As I mentioned before I will write more later.  For now I am just loading photos while I have a quick internet connection. 

This was a pretty neat part of the trip.  We went to visit the farm of Ol' Teddo's uncle.  His uncle specializes in a very strange plant that is pretty much only grown in Peru.  It is called the Tara tree.  The tara tree produces a bean of which the skin is processed to be used in the tanning of leather and the actual pea part of the bean is used as a coagulant in food products.  

This is the town right outside of  the orchard.  It is in the middle of the Peruvian desert pretty near to the ocean.  The town is called Nuevo Horizontes and I am not sure if you would be able to find it on a map.    

Here is the bean from the famous Tara tree

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