Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flowin' in the Flo

This week I was lucky enough to visit Villa Florida.  Mellisa was kind enough to let me crash on her couch for a few days of making delicious food, playing with dogs, and taking a boat ride in the beautiful Villa Florida, Paraguay.  Below is a photo of Johanna and Mellisa holding on to a very small and very cute dog that belongs to Nana.  The little pup us three months old and probably weighs a little less than a kilo.        

One of the nice things about Paraguay is that you can just randomly walk up to someone and talk to them.  We were sitting out in the sun next to the river and a fisherman and his wife walked by, got into their small boat/canoe and rowed a slow circle around in the river setting up fishing lines.  When they returned to shore we asked them if it would be possible to take a ride in their boat/canoe.  They were good naturedly surprised by our request but agreed to give us a ride.  Below picture is of Johanna taking a boat ride.  

Me rowing with the boats proprietor sitting in the aft section of the watercraft. 

Melissa in the bow of the boat/canoe hamming it up for the camera. 

Is that a beaver?  A muskrat?  An otter?  No!  It's Melissa's adopted dog Kamba.  She is a very nice animal but suffers from separation anxiety when her owner is on a boat.  I call this photo "Dog and Paddle". 

Here is a view of the river that we were on.  It is a muddy river to be sure and looks very similar to the Paraguay River we have near Ayolas.  But as you can see it was a beautiful day for a boat ride.   

That's all for now.  This is just a short post.  Melissa has WiFi in her house so I like to use her quick internet connection while I can to upload pictures and update the blog.

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